Nov 27, 2006

Have you been to TheBroth before? If you like instant fun, collaborative art and making new friends at the same time, then stay tuned to discover just how much TheBroth has evolved.

Drag tiles and win prizes. Yes! TheBroth contests are here. First, second and third place will win great prizes, provided by our contest sponsor, Datacatch Librarian, the ultimate removable media storage solution.

The new rewind and replay feature puts an end to room vandalism at TheBroth. From now on, every room has an instant rewind feature, so you can always restore any previous position. This works like a movie player and is available for new snapshots. You can actually watch a movie replay of how an artwork was created, and to put the icing on the cake, you can load any frame of that movie into your own room.

If you haven't been to TheBroth for a while, then you may enjoy:

Check it out now at, and remember, be nice... and have fun!

TheBroth video newsletter #1 - Nov 27, 2006

The following is a short video clip (<2 mins) introducing the art competition and the replay/rewind feature at TheBroth.

Higher quality versions for download or viewing in your web browser (H.264 encoded, Quicktime 7 or higher required):

Voice talent: Sue Zann Toh aka Freaky Friday.

Also view: New features video #1, featuring Freaky Friday as presenter.