TheBroth is a new mosaic-like art form. It takes place on an interactive web site. Each room in TheBroth uses 1000 square tiles. These tiles can be positioned without any restrictions, allowing for very detailed and creative artworks.

TheBroth is global and collaborative. You can work simultaneously with other players from all around the world in the same room. It's very easy to create new artworks by using the mouse pointer to drag tiles around the screen.

There's a list of players so you can always see who's moving what. A built-in chat makes it easy to coordinate your efforts.

TheBroth uses the latest web technologies, so there's nothing in your way for creative self-expression.

Making new friends while dragging tiles together is great fun! There are no age or language barriers, you can just join in and drag tiles.

The freedom of TheBroth means you'll never get bored. Working together creatively like that really has to be experienced.

There are many benefits to being a registered member of TheBroth. Firstly, it's free, but most importantly, you can open your own room, personalize it and choose its tile colors.

The public gallery is the place to show off your artworks. Everyone can rate, rank and comment, giving you immediate feedback on your efforts.

So, register now for free access to all the features. Remember, be nice, and have fun!

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The following is a short video clip (less than 2 minutes) providing a brief overview of TheBroth.

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Update Nov 27, 2006: NEWS: Art competition, rewind & replay!

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