Privacy, safety and blogging tips

TheBroth is a place for self-expression, both artistically by dragging tiles and by chatting, posting in the forum, commenting on artworks, writing blog entries and commenting on other users' blogs.

Any site like TheBroth that allows its members to communicate, be it via chat, forum discussion, or private messages, poses a risk for minors. The following guidelines and safety tips may help to reduce this risk.

A blog (short for "weblog") is like a journal, a personal diary, that you share with the whole world. Everyone will be able to read everything you write in your blog.

Do not reveal personal information about yourself or others

When you post, blog, comment or chat on TheBroth, please make sure you don't reveal personal information, such as your real name, your exact address, phone number, email address, real names of your friends, your school, your teachers, your workplace, your boss...

Make sure that what you write won't embarrass you, or anyone you write about, now or in the future. TheBroth is a public place, and what's once posted on the internet is there forever.

Respect the terms of service

Everything you say in the public chat or post in comments or blogs must be family-safe and comply with our terms of service.

Please report harassment, offensive speech and inappropriate content via our contact form.

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