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Hi there. I really hope you like TheBroth!

We've put a lot
of blood, sweat and tears in it, trying to make it as good as it can be.

Have we succeeded? You be the judge!

Markus about Markus

Born in Vienna, Austria... as a naturally independent and curiosity-driven child, I followed an academic career as a scientist but eventually came full circle with the computing and inventing aspect.

I now live in Perth, Western Australia and focus full-time on our internet projects together with a small team of talented developers.

We hope to continue to contribute finding new and positive ways to use the internet to bring people together. We have some other exciting applications in preparation that all share some common characteristics, namely a user centric philosophy where value is being created by users, for users.

Markus on TheBroth

"When you first find yourself collaborating with some complete stranger that sits in front of his computer screen, looking at the exact same tiles as you, and you notice how he or she begins to understand your vision, and you're really collaborating and creating something together, now, that's really a quite unique experience - an amazing experience that is sure to give you the warm fuzzies! Being able to contribute and being creative while having a lot of fun at the same time, that's what TheBroth is all about.

There's hasn't been anything on the internet, perhaps even in the world, that is as immediately accessible and full-on collaborative and creative, exept, maybe, finger painting. It's a unique platform for self-expression, and at the same time for communication, on a level that is as free and empowering as art itself. And that's TheBroth."

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