18 Aug 07 in Writing and Poetry

speaking first
looking second
then saying you hadn't wrecked it
your friendship, your life, the whole kabloot
have gone down the drain
nobody gives a hoot
you go home, your heads full of woe
you're in a boat no need to row
the river takes you where you don't want to go
Marooned on a island all by yourself
Can't say you don't know how you got there
Can't say it was somebody's else's fault
All you know is you wanna go back home
where friends are all you don't want
people keep living
not minding a thing
when you keep fighting every unsaid blow
wanna go back in time
wanna fix it all
you hate everybody's words
most inportantly your own


  1. Tame Swallow
    19 Aug 07
    very thought provoking Holly - well done