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San Francisco... the last leg of our trip

26 May 07 in Travel and Places

We're finally in "sunny" San Francisco and settled into our very, very lovely hotel room at Hotel Diva. It's roomy, nicely decorated in funky decor and is possibly the first hotel where we didn't have teething problems with the internet... but we did have teething problems, the room key wasn't working and they put us in a queen bed room instead of a king bed room. If I'm paying for a king bed, I *want* a king bed!

San Fran is exactly as I remembered, fog, crazy drivers and more fog.

And now I will cut short this blog entry as MorningStar and I are about to head out for a bit of a stroll and a bite to eat.

Finally in L.A.

20 May 07 in Travel and Places

It's past 10 pm. I'm tired but glad we're finally in L.A. and settling in.

Our plane from Las Vegas to Los Angeles was delayed over an hour because of some technical something that needed replacing. Other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing, well sort of. There was quite a bit of turbulence which made me a little travel sick.

The hotel is decent enough. After a bit of teething problems with bed configuration and internet access, it's all good now. It's quite roomey (compared to our last hotel) and it's in the process of being renovated. The rooms look nice, but the hallways leave something to be desired.

We had a bit of a walk along Venice beach this evening, and had dinner at one of the restaurants along there. Food was good, but the portion size was bigger than anticipated.

Airplane woes...

17 May 07 in Travel and Places

This is the situation: Markus and I are heading to L.A. and San Francisco this weekend. We only decided this two days ago, which means we had to change our flight from the Seattle back to Australia. We want to fly from San Francisco to Perth instead.

Sounds like an easy enough change right? Ha... I wish.

So first I emailed our travel agent, and he told us to call the airline directly. So I call the airline directly and was told that re-routing our fare has to be done through our travel agent. I told the customer service lady that my travel agent said it had to be done via the airline. Now what I find "interesting" is that this lady actually said to me, "Well either your travel agent won't do it or can't be bothered doing it" :o I found this just a *tad* rude.

So now I call the travel agent's emergency number (it was 5 am Australia time) and he told me, "No... this HAS to be done by the airline, the rules of this fare says so", even though I told him the airline just told me I had to go through the travel agent.

You can imagine my frustration here...

So I repeat the process again, keeping my cool, coz I know losing my temper isn't going to get me anywhere and I don't like screaming matches.

Called the airline... they say call the travel agent... called the travel agent, and FINALLY! They said they'll call the airline and sort it out.

Surprisingly, that's exactly what they did. I wasn't expecting it to be solved since I've been bounced around like a table tennis ball all afternoon.

So yeah, 6 hours of phone agony, but it all worked out in the end.

Must get my name in the Members of the Week

17 May 07 in TheBroth

Which is partly why I'm writing this post... hehe :)

Seriously though, if you haven't already noticed, the home page of TheBroth now shows the top members of the week according to activity.

As of writing this, PanterA, Olesniczanin and MorningStar are dominating the list...

I'm trying to change that ;)

Don't forget to click on More to see the full list!

Fallin' in love

16 May 07 in Travel and Places

With Seattle, that is.

What a gorgeous city! I love how it's quite compact and it's possible to walk from one end to the other.

My favourite place, as I'm sure is the favourite place of many travellers here, is the Pike Street Public Markets. It's got an amazing atmosphere and some really unique things to buy. The fruit is fresh, tasty and cheap, well, cheap compared to the same thing in Australia.

I've been living on cherries, jumbo strawberries and bananas. You may not know this, but a hurricane on the north east of Australia wiped out most of the banana plantations and therefore bananas had cost a small fortune in Australia. I got a decent bunch at the Markets for US$1, I would estimate that in Australia, I would pay probably US$5-6 for the same amount.

We also went up the Space Needle, visited the Pacific Science Center and walked along the waterfront.

I would love to go on a ride on the "Duck", an amphibious vehicle, but I doubt we have the time for this.

As I've marveled before, the weather has been extraordinarily great. Lots of sunshine and warmer than I expected.

Our Seattle trip is coming to an end in the next few days, and we'll be heading down to L.A. for yet another conference. This means I have a few flight changes to make, a few flight reservations to do and some hunting for hotels.

Day 2: Nice weather but not feeling well

8 May 07 in Uncategorized

I'm really bummed about missing out on today's gorgeous weather in Seattle. It was lovely and blue outside and I was looking forward to a bit of sightseeing and shopping, but I was struck down with food poisoning and ended up in bed scrunched up in a ball.

I still have the occasional tummy pains, but I haven't needed to use those American toilets again.

It must've been breakfast that did it since I didn't actually eat dinner last night. I was zonked out for 12 hours from 7pm last night. Not a great start, but I guess that's why we're here a few days before the conference.

By the way, this means I missed Heroes on TV last night, bummer.

Well we're here

7 May 07 in Travel and Places

Sitting in the lobby of our hotel, waiting for a room. It's 9:40 am and I'm bugger tired. 9 hour plane ride, 6 hour lay-over, then another 8 hour plane ride to get into Seattle.

I look a wreck, I feel a wreck and I'm looking forward to a hot shower and a bed, but the bed will have to wait. Gotta re-train my system to accept that it's the morning now, not midnight, as it would be if we were still in Perth. Besides, there are things to do and see and it's actually sunny in Seattle today. Maybe we brought Perth's sunshine with us :)

My knees hurt from the plane ride, I forgot how long haul flights plays havoc on my knees and legs. At least we got pretty decent seats on both flights, especially the flight from Japan to Seattle.

Ummmm... that's it for now. More details and random ramblings later.

Less than 2 weeks to go...

26 Apr 07 in Travel and Places

Until MorningStar and I fly to Seattle!

It's not for a holiday, although I wouldn't mind if we manage to get some sightseeing in. We'll be flying half way around the world for a conference.

The only not-so-joyous part is the very long flight... eeks.

We only decided to go a week ago, so it's not much time to prepare, not that there's so much to prepare.

We'll be staying in downtown Seattle for most of the trip. At the moment, we're homeless for the first 2 nights and last 3 nights in Seattle so I'm furiously trying to look for some accommodation for us.

Gardening update

26 Apr 07 in Uncategorized

Well it's been a while since I've shown my face around TheBroth. I thought I'd kick start my return with a few blog entries... the first one being about my newest hobby, gardening.

The tomato plants are about 30 cm tall now (~ 1 ft). They're growing like weeds really. I'm not sure if they'll fruit for me coz I planted them in the wrong season, but hey, it's still fun.

I'm also starting to grow some dwarf lavender and there are plans to grow perennial candytuff (with my lilies), gardenias and more frangipanis.

I'm also thinking of a change to our office plants. I think I want a bit of a palm grove instead of the mish-mash collection of random plants we currently have (half of which look like they're going to die on me). We have one lovely 2 metre tall bamboo palm and I'm thinking of adding another bamboo palm, maybe a kentia palm and a parlor palm. If I can find a fern I like I might add one in too.

This may be my last post about gardening in here. I'm starting a proper blog and info site about my gardening adventures at Balcony Flowers.

So much gardening, not enough room!

Maybe I'm going a little overboard...

22 Mar 07 in Life

We really should have a gardening category, or at the very least, a hobby category.

Anyway, straight to the point:

Tada! Meet my new asiatic lilies. Ok, so the photos are really of the first one I bought, but I went back for another one today. I'd buy a third one if the store had any more!

I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and had to buy it. They're so pretty... and so orange!

They're in flower right now, so I can't quite transplant them or they might not forgive me. I plan to transplant the 2 bulbs in winter into a pot then plant some perennial candytufts on top of the bulbs so when it's flowering season, the candytufts will keep the lily roots cool.

I also bought some English Dwarf Lavender seeds. Except I don't really have a spare pot to put them in :\ Hmm... me thinks it's time for yet ANOTHER trip to the garden centre.

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