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By  Freaky Friday, 7 Aug 06
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 Freaky Friday (1000)

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  1. Freaky Friday+
    7 Aug 06
    A yoga pose - Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana, Sanskrit for One-Foot Inverted Staff Pose.

    Eka = One
    Pada = Foot
    Viparita = Inverted
    Danda = Staff
    Asana = Pose

    Enjoy! For my yogi and yogini friends.
  2. Bebi+
    7 Aug 06
    I love this one, it looks so realistic
  3. Energetic Bear+
    7 Aug 06
    what a great idea. love it.
  4. i do yoga, too. but to this stage i need a little more time :)
  5. Bright Star+
    7 Aug 06
    so nice
  6. lover-
    7 Aug 06
    Very well done
  7. thirty-seven+
    7 Aug 06
    wow nice how you did those curves
  8. frakk71+
    7 Aug 06
  9. xreko+
    7 Aug 06
    Wow! this is great!
  10. Desdemona8+
    7 Aug 06
    Fabulous. Very striking
  11. dollydaydream+
    7 Aug 06
    absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!
  12. Yummy Snipe+
    7 Aug 06
    WOW! Really amazing!
  13. Unregistered+
    7 Aug 06
    Unbelievable! Great Job!!
  14. El Kabong+
    7 Aug 06
    One word. OW! My spine hurts just looking at it...
  15. 9fingaz-
    7 Aug 06
    I only give you a minus out of neccesity, its great but I dont think its the second best on the site.
  16. Freaky Friday+
    7 Aug 06
    Thanks for your comments!

    lover - Why the - vote with a positive comment? Confusing :/

    thirty-seven - with a lot of patience! A lot of tiles that make up even one of the curves. I started with a rough outline of the shape, it was very "jaggy", then I filled in the jaggies with more tiles and you get a smoother curve.

    9fingaz, *sigh* this is a pity. You're not meant to rate the rank, you're meant to rate the *artwork*.

    I understand where you're coming from, but there will be some people on this site that will give it a - because they truly didn't like this artwork.
  17. GO GO+
    8 Aug 06
    nice one freaky ; )
  18. Garath+
    8 Aug 06
    the stuff created here is amazing. :)
  19. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    8 Aug 06
    This is truly quite brilliant.

    Excellently delivered, stunningly crafted, profound effort taken and more importantly, unique as hell. A large number of creations could do with a slice of that little cake.

    A familiar face also which is not a surprise. Well done indeed Freaky Friday. I take my hat off to you, and give you my little positive +

    I dont seem to have time to do anything other that rate stuff lately, but if this is the quality coming through, no problem. :o)
  20. flipflop+
    8 Aug 06
    Excellent Deserves to be a front runner
  21. AmidomaRu+
    8 Aug 06
  22. MorningStar+
    8 Aug 06
    I can't get over how absolutely brilliant this is. I mean, check out how much work it must have been to create this thing with no jaggies so it looks supersmooth even from close-up.
    And it's anatomically correct and it shows a proper yoga pose and all... fantastic colors as well. All in all, an excellent job that already is set to become one of the all-time classics of TheBroth. A high rating, well deserved.
  23. Bykerbabe+
    8 Aug 06
    totally amazing......well done mate.
  24. bex_90+
    8 Aug 06
    Brilliant! I like hair and the curves on the leg A++ Work :D
  25. Unregistered+
    8 Aug 06
  26. orion+
    8 Aug 06
  27. TQ+
    8 Aug 06
    that's hot
  28. Ryx+
    8 Aug 06
    That's great, but I think it'd be cooler if more than 1 person worked on it, After all, the whole meaning of the broth is Collaboration...
  29. Xx ELITE xX+
    9 Aug 06
  30. Mighty Mouse+
    9 Aug 06
    I wish I could do that it is cool.
  31. Mighty Mouse+
    9 Aug 06
    That is the best thing in the gallery I have seen!!!
  32. curly1973
    9 Aug 06
    this is a great picture very creative you must have a lot of patience i really admire your work.
  33. Mighty Stag+
    10 Aug 06
    This is brilliant - very well done.
  34. Wow this is amazing!
  35. Tame Swallow+
    11 Aug 06
    has huge visual impact - very good work - stunning!
  36. tile harder+
    13 Aug 06
    good flow to this
  37. Freaky Friday+
    14 Aug 06
    Thanks again for all the positive comments, everyone! It's really important to get feedback (positive or otherwise) to inspire one to continue to create new and unique artworks.

    Speaking of which, I will have a new artwork out very soon ;) One with a little extra something...
  38. Unregistered+
    15 Aug 06
    It looks like a profesional work of art!
    I LOVE IT!!!
  39. Taylor+
    15 Aug 06
    this is a great picture i love it!
  40. Seafra+
    17 Aug 06
    Wow... that is a fantastic piece of art... I wish I had your talent!!!
  41. munky+
    18 Aug 06
    really good, i luv it
  42. BigTel+
    21 Aug 06
    I've been looking for a woman who can do this...
  43. Freaky Friday+
    22 Aug 06
    I can sort of do this pose... does that count? :)
  44. rawc+
    26 Aug 06
    wow.. how can someone do this.. !! i mean this pose as well as this artistic recreation of the pose.. and guess what.. Freaky can do both.. ;) you have freaked the hell outta me.. :):)
  45. Fancy Hawk
    1 Sep 06
    This is a hardly work... Make this true fans yogi :)
  46. singing giraffe+
    12 Sep 06
    total admiration!
  47. gourgous bee+
    14 Sep 06
  48. Attention seeker+
    12 Dec 06
    Wow Freaky this is so awsome!!!!!

    Keep it up!!!
  49. Attention seeker+
    13 Dec 06
    PS: I can do this pose!!!!!!!
  50. Dotted Verity+
    10 Feb 08
    This is great! Very realistic, I can do this; people think I'm weird...ha ha! :)
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