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By Burfoot, 28 Jul 06 in members
puzzlebee Puzzle preview (BETA)

Created by 10 players Top five:
 Ryx (291)
 Burfoot (198)
 Glorious Crow (161)
 little legs (146)
 Bebi (121)

Tags: lake, duck, pond, rushes
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  1. Ryx+
    28 Jul 06
    Woohoo! Great job guys.
    A real show of teamwork, what thebroth is all about.
  2. Burfoot+
    28 Jul 06

    We were such a nice team, it was a great joy working with you guys, thanks a lot for the great experience!
  3. little legs+
    28 Jul 06
    Fantastic! Great job! Well done my fishy friends
  4. Ryx+
    28 Jul 06
    We should all vote plus.
  5. Clever Orange+
    28 Jul 06
    good one Everyone :D
  6. Puppypuppynou+
    28 Jul 06
    that's very original.a toad doing some acrobat in the water;a fish's head stuck in the stem,a duckling heading for the leaf.woooh.i say stop n give a plus.good work guys.
  7. jboomnba
    29 Jul 06
    What a wonderful time I had, not only did I amaze myself with the finished frog/toad, I learned some new words today :O)
  8. junglesafari
    31 Jul 06
    I love the duck
  9. flipflop+
    4 Aug 06
    Good job nice: to see work done by a group
  10. Quiet Unicorn
    4 Aug 06
    wow..that's really really good!
  11. tile harder+
    15 Aug 06
    nice teamwork
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