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By  hirngespinst, 1 Oct 08 in plot
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 hirngespinst (100%)

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  1. Pale Possum
    1 Oct 08
    He he! and such a lovely pair of plum earrings! I would take a bite of them too lol!
  2. Olesniczanin+
    2 Oct 08
    how do you know it's a pair? :)
  3. Pale Possum
    2 Oct 08
    well would you wear *one* earring?
  4. Speedy Garden+
    2 Oct 08
    And she has four chins too eh? Hehehehe. Nice sparkle in the eye there Hirn.
  5. Olesniczanin+
    2 Oct 08
    I don't think I'd wear two earrings either
  6. Tame Swallow+
    7 Oct 08
    now who has been nibbling on that ear ring - and they dropped a bit too :)
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