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By  Dotted Verity, 19 May 08 in milkshake
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puzzlebee Puzzle preview (BETA)

Created by 3 players,
using 2334 strokes.
 Dotted Verity (61%)
 Mellorine (36%)
 Jamester (3%)

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  1. Dotted Verity+
    19 May 08
    Ha ha, Mel and I were just talking about how drawing on thebroth is difficult on a laptop. Then we started to draw one as a joke and this is what we ended up with! lol :D
  2. Mellorine+
    19 May 08
    i love the laptops screen!! *laughs* :D
  3. Tame Swallow+
    20 May 08
    very good!
  4. Pale Possum
    20 May 08
    hehe this is me on the broth! all except for the girlpower poster. very girly.

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