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By  Speedy Garden, 24 Nov 07 in roflmao
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Created by 3 players,
using 1175 strokes.
 Speedy Garden (78%)
 Ambitious Gerbil (17%)
 Jumping Buffalo (5%)

Tags: cookies, milk, boy
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  1. Speedy Garden+
    24 Nov 07
    At night, before Barry goes to bed, he has milk and homemade biscuits. His mother makes the best biscuits in his neighbourhood. :) Can you see the magical ball he is looking at? hehhehe.

    Thanks Jumping Buffalo and Ambitious Gerbil.
    Here we met two members from czech! SM and Ki.
  2. Laidback Marten+
    24 Nov 07
    cute! nice work, guys! :)

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