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By  Speedy Garden, 17 Nov 07
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 Speedy Garden (100%)

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  1. Speedy Garden
    17 Nov 07
    When Meheui was returning home on his little outrigger boat from his visit to other Pacific islands he came across a bad storm. Next thing you know he was under water! Then a big blue fish came along and lead him to safety through the silent and beautiful world of coral. Meheui was soon lying on the seashore. He was safe now.
  2. Laidback Marten+
    17 Nov 07
    you are THE storyteller! love it! :)
  3. Tame Swallow+
    18 Nov 07
    good thing!
  4. Speedy Garden
    18 Nov 07
    Glad you like it you guys!!! Thanks. :)
  5. Charming Trust+
    20 Nov 07
    and I am waiting for the picture of Meheui lying on the seashore. hehe. is he safe still? or in a another adventure;)
    wait and see:)

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