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By  pickledpizza, 29 Oct 07 in seriouslygood
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 pickledpizza (100%)

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  1. pickledpizza+
    29 Oct 07
    optimus prime. :D. a lot of hours- a lot of fun. most frustrating part was, i was working away for an hour, and when i refreshed, i went back in time as thebroth had stopped refreshing!
  2. Jumping Buffalo+
    29 Oct 07
    ... Wow :D Very excellent work.
  3. Speedy Garden+
    29 Oct 07
    Wow! I am so proud of you!
  4. Sugar Plum+
    29 Oct 07
    Brilliant work ....incrediable
  5. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    30 Oct 07
    Stunning... absolutely stunning...
  6. Bold Carrot+
    30 Oct 07
    Incredible work!!! Love coming back to it again and cool!
  7. Charming Trust+
    30 Oct 07
    wow. this is really great, Pickled!!!
  8. Laidback Marten+
    30 Oct 07
    WOW, pp, that is awesome! Excellent work!
  9. Tame Swallow+
    1 Nov 07
    hey hey - this is what you were working on - class!
  10. Sabretooth
    7 Nov 07
    this is awesome, i love it, ur artwork is amazing!
  11. wow PickledPizza, you did a great job on Optimus, I love Transformers :D

    you did a really great job! now you need to do a group picture XD jk, that'd be hard, but yeah, you should do more of these guys. you did an awesome job of it.
  12. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    19 Jan 08
    So deserving of a higher position this... pickledpizza, anymore to come...?
  13. Dotted Verity+
    27 Mar 08
    Seriously, why isn't this at LEAST in the top ten?! Goodness! This is AWESOME! GREAT job!!!! :)
  14. Funny Ox+
    4 Aug 08
    WoW. It's fantastic!!!
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