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By  Bold Carrot, 9 Oct 07
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puzzlebee Puzzle preview (BETA)

Created by 1 player,
using 678 strokes.
 Bold Carrot (100%)

Tags: apple
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  1. Bold Carrot
    9 Oct 07
    How can I get more time to do more detailed work???
  2. Tame Swallow+
    9 Oct 07
    Stop doing other stuff? :)
  3. Laidback Marten+
    9 Oct 07
    details, don't know what you are talking about, BC! very nicely done.
  4. Bold Carrot
    9 Oct 07
    I've noticed a "time bar" moving along the top of art Im working on...and when it reaches the end that's when parts of my art start to dissappear? How do I start that time frame over?
  5. Aqua Star+
    9 Oct 07
    Can I have a bite?
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