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By  Vivianxoxo, 27 Jan 07
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Created by 1 player.
 Vivianxoxo (387)

Contains tiles from imported artworks.
Imported from 16943
Original artist:  Vivianxoxo (29)
Imported from 16890
Original artist:  Vivianxoxo (106)
Imported from 16880
Original artists:
 Vivianxoxo (273)
 PanterA (167)

Tags: thebroth, sign
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  1. Vivianxoxo+
    27 Jan 07
    ok ok, so the writing sucks. doesnt' matter, because the concept is nice. besides, i'm the president, you're not. hehe, kidding, please rate nicely!!!!!
  2. Sugar Plum+
    28 Jan 07
    Shows some skill so worth a +...keep going ;)
  3. cryogenic+
    28 Jan 07
    well, if you're the president I should probably follow your instructions blindly.
  4. Bebi+
    28 Jan 07
    Hey I like it, very clever.

    I don't mind writing in pictures such as this, it's an integral part of the image.
  5. angel eyes+
    8 Mar 07
    its a spitting image of the ar at thetp, i think, lol
  6. PanterA+
    24 May 07
    too bad active rooms changed name to view rooms :)

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