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By  Helpful Walrus, 7 Jan 07
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 Helpful Walrus (1000)

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  1. Annie+
    7 Jan 07
    amazing work!
  2. cryogenic+
    7 Jan 07
    love it! Had to take a closer look.
  3. Shehzeen+
    7 Jan 07
  4. Bebi+
    7 Jan 07
    Beautiful as always HW :O)
  5. GO GO+
    7 Jan 07
    lovely HW :) is it some person in depressed mood ? guessing u know :P
  6. Tame Swallow+
    7 Jan 07
    beutiful colours and idea
  7. Bebi+
    7 Jan 07
    I saw the person too
  8. Sabretooth
    7 Jan 07
    it really stands out, really nice work
  9. The Who+
    7 Jan 07
    Helpful Walrus you are really talented. This is just too fine.
  10. MorningStar+
    7 Jan 07
    Helpful Walrus' choice of color alone is amazing. Megaplus from me!

    What gets me the most with how comparatively few tile moves HW achieves her masterpieces. Hardly any tile is moved twice. We go from nothing to masterpiece with great efficiency, and it's great every single time. Superb!
  11. xreko+
    8 Jan 07
    I love all your work. The colors are awesome and the technique is great!
  12. Freaky Friday+
    9 Jan 07
    I'm still trying to figure out what this is, but no matter, it's still very good.
  13. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    12 Jan 07
    Very well done. The imagination coming through in your mosaics is awesome.
  14. Sunshine Bear
    14 Jan 07
    i see the person too, i thought he was surfing...
  15. Wild Cat
    17 Jan 07
  16. Sincere Bird+
    30 Jan 07
    I love it, I still haven't decided what it is though. excellent colours and effects though.
  17. I see a colorful but sad penguin
  18. PanterA+
    9 Jun 07
    I see a Inuit or Eskimo stuck in some ice...
  19. nicolauz
    25 Jul 07
    wow ! i was thinking eye when i saw it..but what you did was beyond amazing !!!
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