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By  BigTel, 5 Oct 06 in bt100
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  1. BigTel+
    5 Oct 06
    Steam & Iron
  2. thirty-seven+
    5 Oct 06
    How do you do that?
  3. Wild Cat+
    5 Oct 06
    I apologize, I have not on train tickets...and this is super
  4. rhain+
    5 Oct 06
    ok when i saw this i thought it had to be someone like BigTel... this is really great (as usual) maybe the only challenge you have now is to make a picture so bad it is good.. you seem to be able to do everything else! ++++from me
  5. nammiewammie+
    5 Oct 06
    yeah i knew it was you too telly! wowzah
  6. Unregistered+
    5 Oct 06
    hmm... these colors seem to be the popular colors of choice. *takes notes*
  7. flipflop+
    5 Oct 06
    you da man
  8. MorningStar+
    5 Oct 06
    Same here... saw the thumbnail, thought, this must be BigTel...just how does he do it?! Well done yet again, BT!
  9. Sugar Plum+
    5 Oct 06
    Really nice Tel
  10. Tame Swallow+
    6 Oct 06
    Big Tel strikes again! A plus from me !!!!

    How about joining for some group pics Big Tel?
  11. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    6 Oct 06
    I have to admit it Tel, you are the man. You have a nack....

    I take my hat off to you.. Nice one
  12. I have a theory... BigTel is not human, he is a super- programmed art robot!
  13. Dominika+
    6 Oct 06
  14. A Walrus+
    12 Oct 06
    choo chooo!
  15. ColdOne+
    13 Oct 06
    its really more comment
  16. Shehzeen+
    19 Oct 06
    its gr8. I knew it wud be u BT :)
    nice work
  17. big bird
    24 Oct 06
    really really good big tel from big bird
  18. haggis77+
    13 Dec 06
    super steam :)
  19. spicy sweet+
    17 Dec 06
    really nice
  20. Tanya26+
    27 Jan 07
  21. Unregistered+
    8 Feb 07
    it's so quaint and old-worldly. it reminds me of nesbit's 'railway children' (the picture on the cover of the book looks a lot like this). I like it. it's very refreshing.
  22. Your Conscience+
    14 Mar 07
    stunning. i find these pictures really amazing...wish i could design like that.
    you people have a gift =)
  23. Taylor+
    24 Mar 07
    really good job!
  24. v nice work
  25. LifeDancer
    16 May 07
  26. Soupchile+
    18 Nov 07
    Wow. I've always been amazed by trains, there's just something about them, the sound, I don't know. You've sure done a great job here! You've got all the parts, great detail, perfect!
  27. Cheerios Monster+
    30 Dec 07
    (Too cool =P)
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