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By  Sir. Advent, 29 Sep 06
puzzlebee Puzzle preview (BETA)

Created by 9 players Top five:
 KarateGirl (285)
 Sir. Advent (264)
 ImmortalMadness (135)
 Unregistered (121)
 sammysbaby020506 (46)

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  1. ImmortalMadness+
    29 Sep 06
    room was definitely drama filled
  2. Sir. Advent+
    29 Sep 06
    Karate. Not really much more I can say. Thanks for your input holly, and especially you kg. :D (I'd still win)
  3. flipflop+
    30 Sep 06
    simple but very effective, well done
  4. KarateGirl+
    30 Sep 06
    t'was lotsa a fun makin this! "I'd still win" and no advent u wudnt....just, NO. and yw for my help, great idea advent. thnx for helping every1. nice efforts holly, maybe next time in your room tho.:-P c u all around!~
  5. thirty-seven
    1 Oct 06
    Came out great! Sorry for not helping much.
  6. Unregistered+
    1 Oct 06
    looks very clean and simple. nice pose and portortions! and avent...i believe kg wud win. ;-)
  7. Sir. Advent+
    2 Oct 06
    Lol...Just not gonna happen & she knows it =p
  8. KarateGirl+
    10 Oct 06
    okay advent...sure. think that if u wana...but ur wrong! :-)
  9. pinkstrawberries+
    25 Oct 06
    wow! lol
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