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By  Freaky Friday, 22 Sep 06
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  1. Freaky Friday+
    22 Sep 06
    Freaky Friday does Freaky Friday.

    I'm not sure whether I like it, but I spent 5 hours on it (in one sitting) so I thought I'd put it in the public gallery.
  2. Dominika+
    22 Sep 06
    it´s wonderfull !!
  3. Precious Majesty+
    22 Sep 06
    I was eagerly awaiting your next project.. and it was indeed worth the wait! I knew it was you - from just one glance at the thumbnail in the gallery! Fab.
  4. flipflop+
    22 Sep 06
    saw u were locked in ur room for ages today, the end result was worth it, lovely pic: very well constructed: attention to detail stunning. i,m guessing it's a self portrate.

    bet it gets into top 5 in gallery
  5. BigTel+
    22 Sep 06
    This is equisite...Well done vamp
  6. Tame Swallow+
    22 Sep 06
    we are all guessing its you Freeky straight away - well done!
  7. Freaky Friday+
    22 Sep 06
    Well, I did name this piece "Freaky Friday does Freaky Friday"... so yes, it's a self portrait ;)

    Although we have numerous portraits, we haven't had a self portrait yet, so I thought this was original enough, after all, there's only one Freaky right? :)

    Thanks for the positive comments, however, I'm still not liking it so much myself yet!
  8. Sporty Omen+
    22 Sep 06
    it's beautiful, good work
  9. Bykerbabe+
    22 Sep 06
    wow freaky thats amazing!
  10. KarateGirl+
    22 Sep 06
    great job freaky, the shading is very well done. great job!~
  11. rawc+
    22 Sep 06
    wow.. its freaky.. !!! really.. :)
  12. Sugar Plum+
    22 Sep 06
    Really brilliant FF that picture is beyond words, you look so beautiful. Really well done... (now I will have to sort out an avatar to go with my name)
  13. thirty-seven+
    22 Sep 06
  14. Brrr-FrostNZ+
    22 Sep 06
    Awesome, very beautiful. Another winner there Freaky Friday. Me thinks we have a new top 5 coming…
  15. ImmortalMadness+
    22 Sep 06
    wow this is great, one of the best items on broth
  16. dollydaydream+
    23 Sep 06
    a very striking image, you are truly talented, I love it
  17. tile harder+
    24 Sep 06
    you know you like it stop being modest its great1
  18. Sugar Plum+
    25 Sep 06
    Hey tile harder u didn't vote for it...
  19. Vic Wang+
    26 Sep 06
    good work, perfectly! Asian girl;
  20. Puppypuppynou
    27 Sep 06
    I like it but it could have been much better.Her eyes are like a vampire,together with the incomplete outline of her face.also,the white tiles could have been well hidden under the black hair.nevertheless,i bet you are preetier than that!
  21. Shehzeen+
    28 Sep 06
    It looks best as a thumbnail and is really good but yeah perhaps the eyes cud have been better. But still awesome work.
  22. Freaky Friday+
    29 Sep 06
    Hmmm... looks like I wasn't all that successful in getting the idea of this one across.

    It's not meant to be photorealistic, it's meant to be abstract and minimalistic, hence the eyes "like a vampire" and "incomplete outline of her face". It was deliberate.

    I've done a few photorealism pieces before, and thought it was time to venture out of my comfort zone and try something different.

    It's nice to hear from those who like it and those who don't and why they liked it or not. I appreciate all comments!
  23. rawc+
    1 Oct 06
    well.. i like lady vampires... :):)
  24. doinit+
    1 Oct 06
    she is really beautiful, what a looker. wow
  25. Kiwi Creator+
    2 Oct 06
    This is lovely! Very clever! I like this different approach.
  26. TheParadox+
    2 Oct 06
  27. Pink Flamingo+
    7 Oct 06
    Very nicely done.
  28. fairwindx+
    11 Oct 06
  29. Jesse+
    11 Oct 06
    freaky, you look like lucy liu.
  30. Artless+
    11 Oct 06
    Very beautiful. Wish I had your talent (and looks!!!)
  31. big bird
    13 Oct 06
    god u r good at what u do i wish i was this good
  32. Cheeky Ant+
    15 Oct 06
    FF-if it is really u than i think u r tired of the boy's attention))) my respect to u and to this work!!!very scilled and just beautiful!!))
  33. lello angel
    18 Oct 06
    =) i like it
  34. lello angel
    18 Oct 06
    =) i like it looks cool
  35. fadeout+
    18 Oct 06
    amazing work, i like it .
  36. Piggly Wiggly+
    23 Oct 06
    great job !!! Keep it up.
  37. angel eyes+
    24 Oct 06
    just amazing!
  38. pinkstrawberries+
    24 Oct 06
    OMG! that is amazing! hw cud u spend 5 hrs making a pictire tho??? lol bt its realli kewl
  39. Bag+
    11 Nov 06
    very snazzified
  40. Friendly Ox+
    28 Nov 06
    freaky , i never get to tell you how blessed your are , man you really outdid yoursefl on this one ...just adore it ....
  41. Adam Kid+
    2 Dec 06
    Perfect in every way! fantastic!
  42. Python_luva
    4 Dec 06
  43. spicy sweet+
    17 Dec 06
  44. serjndestroy+
    18 Jan 07
    Brilliant, beautiful, bold... Alliterative commentary cannot be bested
  45. jokeren
    19 Jan 07
    good (:
  46. LeoAndre+
    24 May 07
    very good!
  47. Kiwihihi+
    16 Jul 07
    I love it
  48. Beet+
    12 Aug 07
    this is really good, i didn't even notice it was done with tiles before...very good
  49. pawlala
    8 Nov 07
  50. shaun-
    27 Feb 08
    "speechless" (in a good way)
  51. Verous311+
    14 Aug 08
    nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice................ :D GREAT !! :D
  52. Nesha+
    16 Nov 08
    Nice work!!!
  53. khbese
    21 Aug 09
    wow very well done
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